Patient Capital for the Long-Term

Supporting those individuals with the vision, drive, determination and dedication to succeed

Howard Industries was founded to invest in and support management teams to build market-leading businesses.

We are focused on companies that have engineered solutions that allow their customers to perform at a higher level. Whether they are manufacturers or service providers, we look for leaders who have shown the ability to carve out successful segments and properly provide a product or service that is compelling.

About us

The private investment business has matured into large funds managing portfolio companies as if they were a public stock portfolio. Howard Industries provides capital to those who are looking for a closer relationship with its investor with the focus being long term development rather than quick returns. It is an approach that takes into account all the stakeholders while the company grows.

Howard Industries supports management in raising the standard of performance through incremental improvement. It believes that executing on the basics in each function of the company to be fundamental to success. Through relying on facts, candid conversations, analytics, and a deep respect for the experience of the management and those throughout the company, Howard Industries supports not only the plans going forward but understand the need to pivot and alter direction when economic circumstances change.

The principal of Howard Industries, Peter Howard, has invested in a wide range of industries, including steel processing, textiles, tubing, and electrical components. He has worked with management to build value and develop and implement strategies for long-term growth.  Peter received his undergraduate degree in economics from Principia College and his M.B.A. from Columbia University. His professional experience includes strategic consulting with Arthur Young & Company, where he provided planning and acquisition advice to major corporations and investment institutions. Prior to forming Howard Industries, he was a principal with a private investment firm and continues to serve as an active director in all his investments.


Since the beginning, Howard Industries has been investing in manufacturing and service businesses. It has invested in the US, Mexico and China and in doing so, understands the value of a diversified and reliable supply chain. Hi is well versed in the opportunities and challenges of manufacturing and business service companies.


Because Howard Industries uses its own capital, there is a high certainty to close and no pressure to sell dictated by outside partners.  


Our culture is to be candid in our communication. This builds trust on which successful partnerships exist. We listen to our partners with the goal to ensure we are all aligned.

25+ Years of Investing

Howard Industries  has invested in motor, gear, blower, printing, software, business service, fabrication and distribution companies. They have ranged from being leaders in their markets to experiencing difficult economic conditions.

$400 Million Invested

From $100 million to $100,000, HI has purchased and invested in a range of small and medium sized companies.

16 Investments

Having invested in standalone businesses, add-ons, turnarounds, greenfield sites and startups, HI supports people and ideas in various structures that enable the fulfillment of their vision.

Investment Criteria

Industry leadership comes in multiple ways. Whether it be proprietary process, product innovation, customer communication, location or lead time, HI is looking to partner with companies that have created a continuing compelling case to their customers.  

Business Types

Small and medium manufacturers and business services that have defensible market positions.


We are focused on both actual and potential earnings. Generally, we look for earnings are between $1 million and $6 million. For companies that are experiencing temporary difficulties, we look for sales in excess of $15 million.  


Although HI has invested in several different continents, in prefers companies be based in either the U.S. or UK.


Past & Present

Howard Industries looks for niche manufacturers and service providers that are either able to develop or have developed a compelling case for customers to come to them time and time again.

Jakel, Inc

Motors and Gears

Continental Structural Plastics

Specialty Plastics

Critical Facilities Solutions (US)

Data Center Infrastructure Services


Powder Coating

Comair Rotron

Fans and Blowers


Digital Asset Tracking

Rug Barn

Jacquard Woven Throws


Bar code & RF Labels

Lawrence Manufacturing

Hinges and Hardware

e-Systems Group

Consoles and Racks

EDP Europe (UK)

Distributor of Data Center Infrastructure

Critical Facilities Solutions (UK)

Data Center Infrastructure Services

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